SAGE 15.0

Calculates the power index to make better decisions in poker
15.0.0 (See all)
Takes advantage of the Sage power index to calculate odds based on the dealt cards and the blinds vs the smallest stack. Shows recommendation on how to proceed when the cards are on the table. Sit and Go tournaments benefit entirely on the application.

This application calculates the SAGE power index when you input your dealt cards and the blinds vs smallest stack. The application then decides what you should do from the small blind or the big blind. The SAGE system is very useful for heads-up play in the later stages of a Sit and Go tournament. If you win due to this application, I would appreciate it if you shared a tiny part of your wealth with me (

The SAGE System is Copyright © 2005 by James Kittock and Lee Jones, and the terms SAGE System and "Are you SAGE?" are trademarks.

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